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Motivational Speaker

Priscilla Loomis LLC educates, enlightens, uplifts and empowers through storytelling. She presents to education systems, Middle school to College/University, as well as, corporations and workshops/summits on the Olympic Mindset, focusing on leading a meaningful life through uncertainty & high achieving routines that supercharge careers, personal habits and purpose; speaking life into goals and thriving through failure.

Using her Olympic Journey, Priscilla tells a compelling story of unbreakable spirit, writing a positive narrative for oneself, and finding purpose in every chapter of life.

As a motivational speaker, Priscilla connects with the audience to uplift their perspective, empower their purpose and build their self-confidence.

She believed she could, so she did.

Speaking Engagements


Invest in yourself and your future

“Want motivational pep talks, daily affirmations to promote self confidence, dynamic workouts & Fun Giveaways?

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Kind Words from Happy Customers

“Priscilla's energy is simply contagious. She has a passion for life, with a very strong hero’s journey and way to uplight others by sharing light and positivity through her own journey.”
“She is a dynamic inspirational speaker, and finds an authentic way to fuse her years of training as an Olympic athlete to entrepreneurship. Priscilla continues to deliver value driven actionable steps for the audience and engages them with her charisma and cheer joy for life.“
" Priscilla is absolute gold in every situation. Our school was beyond blessed to spend the day with her and we look forward to having her back soon!"
“Priscilla has an infectious personality and amazing presence. She easily connects with people and brings out the best in others. She has a unique ability to balance it all while empowering us with her Olympic Mindset to everyday life.”


Olympian & CEO

Priscilla Loomis

Olympian & CEO