About Priscilla

Priscilla Loomis is a South Jersey Native and current Wildwood, NJ resident. She received a full athletic scholarship to St. John’s University and earned a Bachelor’s degree in Communications with a focus in Television & Film.

Priscilla is a Track and Field Olympian, Entrepreneur and Nonprofit Founder of the “Priscilla E Frederick Foundation”, supporting single parent households and awarding scholarships to students coming from single parent households.


She runs two successful businesses, Flawless Cleaning, a residential cleaning service and Priscilla Loomis LLC, a motivational speaking and empowerment service, is a 3 time hall of fame inductee, 2 time female athlete of the year recipient, National Record Holder, National Champion and World Class Medalist!

Triple Threat Olympian

Partnering with organizations such as Airbnb, PUMA and the University of Pennsylvania, as well as, features in the New York Times, Disney Plus, CNN, BBC, ESPN and National Geographic, Priscilla is a public figure with 10 years of experience in athletics and public speaking.

Priscilla Loomis is a failure & fighter, leader and ally, promoting positive energy, gratitude, love of self and being the rising tide that lifts all ships!


Olympian & CEO


Priscilla Loomis

Olympian & CEO